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Loan Equipment

If you want to have a go at becoming a kite display team or pair, you will very soon need a matched set of kites, as it is very hard to learn without kites that all fly (almost) the same. You are also going to want kites that cover the wind range from quite light winds through to fairly windy - probably at least 3 kites each, so as to be able to practice despite the British weather. For a new pair, this is going to be at least 6 kites, more for a team. Buying a set of team kites is fairly expensive and can easily put people off having a go.

To help with this issue, STACK have a number of sets of old team kites that can be lent to aspiring new pairs and teams, so that they can have a go and make progress before having to commit to a full set of kites.

STACK has 8 sets of North Shore Radical (NSR) team kites. Each set consists of 3 kites, a Kona for light winds, a standard NSR, and a vented VIP for higher winds. Each kite is fully bridled and framed in SkyShark competition spars. While the sails are old and have done good service, all still fly reasonably well, and can be matched into sets of 2, 3 or 4. These kite sails have been donated by previous teams and competitors (including Punchlines and Airkraft) so a big thank you to them.

These kites are available for long term loan to members who are serious about forming a new pair or team. Loan durations are quite long term - typically at least a year, allowing the new team or pair to learn the basics, and this can be extended to several years if you commit to undertake your first year of competition and demonstration.

Obviously, if you borrow these you also have to commit to repair any damage, and return them in at least as good a condition as when you receive them.

NSR Kites

It must be noted that these kites have an historic pedigree - 7 of then have won the UK National Team Championship, and 4 of these have won the European and World Championships (so they should almost know what to do by themselves).

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