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2017 UK National Sport Kite Championship - Results

The 2017 Championship includes an IRB competition, a freestyle competition amd a multi-kite competition. The IRB competition uses the full format with precision and ballet components. The precision component consists of three figures and a precision freestyle routine, the ballet is a routine choreographed to music - both components are run to IRB rules. The Freestyle open competition uses a modified version of the Trick Party format. The open competition specifically for individual competitors flying two or three kites simultaneously is ballet only, using IRB rules.

Results will be posted here once all rounds have been completed.

National Champions 2017

  • Dual Line Individual National Champion: Tony Shiggins.
    • 2nd: Josh Mitcheson.
    • 3rd: Fran Burstall.
  • Dual Line Pair National Champions: Phoenix.
    • 2nd: Flying Fish.
  • Dual Line Team National Champions: Flame.
  • Multi-Line Individual National Champion: Josh Mitcheson.
  • Multi-Kite National Champion: Josh Mitcheson.

IRB National Championship Results

Overall Results

Dual Line Individual
Overall Precision Ballet
Score Rank Score Rank Score Rank
Tony Shiggins 68.5 1st 69.6 2nd 67.6 1st
Josh Mitcheson 64.1 2nd 70.5 1st 58.8 2nd
Fran Burstall 60.8 3rd 63.8 3rd 58.4 3rd
Irma Adriaanse (single round only) 25.9 4th 25.1 4th 26.6 4th
Lex Kraaijeveld (single round only) 24.0 5th 21.8 5th 25.8 5th

Note that Irma Adriaanse and Lex Kraaijeveld only competed in one round, so their scores appear lower.

Dual Line Pair
Overall Precision Ballet
Score Rank Score Rank Score Rank
Phoenix 71.4 1st 68.6 1st 73.8 1st
Flying Fish 55.6 2nd 55.9 2nd 55.4 2nd
Dual Line Team
Overall Precision Ballet
Score Rank Score Rank Score Rank
Flame 67.2 1st 63.9 1st 69.9 1st
Multi-Line Individual
Overall Precision Ballet
Score Rank Score Rank Score Rank
Josh Mitcheson 69.8 1st 70.3 1st 69.4 1st

Round Results

Results for each of the individual rounds of the IRB Championship are also available:

Freestyle Competition Results

A trick intensive competition based loosly on the Tricks Party format.

The freestyle competition has not ben run this year (at leasty so far).

More information can be found here.

Multi-Kite Competition Results

For competitors flying a ballet with two or more kites at the same time.

Score Rank
Josh Mitcheson 54.0 1st

More information can be found here.

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