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Latest News / Announcements

This page provides the latest news and announcements from STACK.

National Championships - Southern Round
STACK UK is pleased to confirm the dates for a Southern round of the UK National Championships which will be held over the weekend of 30th June - 1st July. This will be held at Dunstable Downs (Bedfordshire, LU6 2GY). The site has a cafe and toilets.
We will run at least one IRB competition round (figures, freestyle and ballet), and if weather permits we will run two full rounds.
Please note that this is a National Trust property, so you will have to pay for parking if you are not a member.
National Championships - Northern Round
STACK UK is pleased to confirm the dates for a Northern round of the UK National Championships which will be held over the weekend of 21st - 22nd July. This will be held at Druridge Bay Country Park, Northumberland. The site has a cafe and toilets.
Competitors please note that the arena may have to be rectangular, slightly narrower in one direction, but will be full length in the prevailing wind direction. We will run at least one IRB competition round (figures, freestyle and ballet), and if weather permits we will run two full rounds.
STACK are particularly pleased to confirm this round as we are trying to ensure that we take a competition round to the North of the country at least every other year.
STACK 30th Anniversary Mega-team
This year is the 30th anniversary of the formation of STACK in the UK. To celebrate this we are hoping to run a mega-team at Portsmouth International Kite Festival in August (11th-12th) featuring current and former members and competitors. Hopefully we will be able to get participants well into double figures.
Please let STACK know if you will be there and would be interested in participating in the mega-team. Obviously, as this is a public event, participants do need to have some previous mega-team experience.
If possible we would like a significant number of the participating kites to be Northshore Radicals – STACK have 8 sets, but if you have any Northshore Radicals that you could use in the mega-team (or loan to us for the event) please let us know.
Berrow Competition
The STACK event at Berrow beach festival on 2nd and 3rd June will not now be a round of the National Championship, as a date clash with Basingstoke festival means that a number of competitors cannot attend. However STACK will still be supporting the Berrow festival, with a non-Nationals open competition and demonstrations in a full arena on the beach. Please come along if you can (and are not involved at Basingstoke).
National Championship - July Round
STACK UK is pleased to announce provisional dates for a round of the UK National Championships - 21st - 22nd July. More information will be provided once details are finalized, but please keep the dates free.
Cervia Cup
Calling all competitors: STACK Italy is running the Cervia Cup sport kite competition over the weekend of 28th - 30th April 2018 - this is part of the Cervia Kite Festival. The experienced and masters classes are open competitions, accepting entries from other countries. They will be using Mix format (figures and ballet), and will have individuals, pairs and teams in both dual line and multi-line. This is an excellent event, and if you can attend it is well worth going. Full details are on the STACK Italy website here:- Cervia Cup.
Pair Master Show
For any pairs that are interested, registration for the first Pair Masters Show of the year in France is now open. The rules of this competition are straightforward - no regulation, no wind limits, high or low. Choreographed ballet, no precision component. Registration is open until March 31th by email to R-Sky (
The STACK UK AGM will be held on Sunday 18th February 2018 at 13:00 for 13:30 start in Farringdon, Oxfordshire. We expect that the AGM will take about 2 to 3 hours. Coffee and tea will be provided. Please let us know if you will be attending (so we can get enough biscuits ... and chairs). The AGM is being hosted by members at a private property - if you don't know where it is contact us and we will send you the full address.

Here is the outline agenda for the AGM – though it won’t be too formal.

  1. Apologies
  2. Minutes of last AGM
  3. Reports
    1. Membership Secretary’s report
    2. Treasurer’s report
    3. National Director’s report
  4. Officers
    1. Election / re-election of officers
      1. Membership Secretary
      2. Treasurer
      3. National Director
    2. Election / appointment of new officers
      1. Competition Coordinator
      2. Training/Coaching Coordinator
    3. Appointment / reappointment of National Head Judge
  5. Competitions and National Championship 2017
  6. Other events
  7. International Events
  8. Fees
    1. Membership fees
    2. Competition fees
    3. Insurance costs
  9. AOB
The minutes of the previous AGM are available on the Resources: AGMs page.
STACK UK membership renewals
STACK UK membership renewals are due on 1st March 2018, and we are accepting renewals (and new joiners, obviously) now. Details of fees and the required membership form are available on the. Join page.
First UK nationals date for 2018!
STACK is pleased to announce the date for a round of the 2018 UK Nationals. This is of course still provisional, but - all being well - we will hold a single round of IRB competition over the weekend of 2nd and 3rd June 2018. Hopefully we will also include freestyle and multi-kite competitions. This will be in the south of the UK, on a beach! More details will be provided when they are available, but please keep the date free.
EuroCup 17 - Results
Here are the results for EuroCup - the Europe Sport Kite Championships held at Dunkerque, France over the weekend 13th to 15th October 2017. Congratulations to the Champions:

  • Mathieu Mayet (Fr) - Dual Line Individual
  • Stephen Versteegh (Nl) - Multi-line Individual
  • Courant d'Air (Fr) - Dual Line Pair
  • Paire Is'Aire (Fr) - Multi-line Pair
  • Start Air (Fr) - Dual Line Team
  • Contro Vento (It) - Multi-line Team
Well done to all the competitors. And a special well done to the UK contingent, Josh Mitcheson (7th in MI) and ML Pair Amalgamation (4th) in their first EuroCup. Also a big thank you to the organizers and to all the judges and field directors.

For older announcements see the Archive News page.

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