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STACK UK National Championships 2019 - Results
With two rounds of IRB competition completed over two weekends, we now have a new set of National Champions.

Congratulations to the new STACK UK National Champions:-

Dual Line Individual Champion - Fran Burstall
Dual Line Pairs Champion - Fracture
Dual Line Team Champion - Fracture
Multi-Line Individual Champion - Dan Hoath
Multi-Line Pairs Champion - Flying Squad
Multi-Line Team Champion - Fracture

It was great to see new competitors - Twisted Bridle and Skytracks in dual line pairs. Fracture (formerly Wey-Aye last year) continued to deliver good performances winning in three categories. It was brilliant to see Flying Squad back in the ML Pairs, albeit with a new configuration and delivering a frankly stunning ballet performance. MLI provided one of the closest battles for many years with Josh and Dan setting a very high standard and a ending up separated by only 0.1%! And finally a special mention for Dan for being a champion in no less than 5 categories!

We also have a new champion in the Freestyle (Tricks) Championship:-

Freestyle Champion - Josh Mitcheson

Well done champions and all competitors.
Overall results and results for each round are available on the results page.

For older announcements see the Archive News page.

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