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Here you can find details of how to become a member of STACK UK.

Membership Benefits

Membership provides you with:

Membership Classes

For individuals, including members of pairs or teams.
For members under the age of 16 on the date of registration.
For additional family members of an individual member. Note: Additional family members are not eligible for competition, this is only available to individual and junior members.

Membership Year

Membership runs from 1st March to 28th February each year.

Members joining after 1st September join at a discounted rate of 60% of the annual fee.

Membership renewals are due by 1st March, and are accepted from 1st January.

Current Membership Fees

2018 Fees
Membership Class Fee
Individual membership: £15 per year
Individual membership (family): £15 per year
Individual membership (retired/unwaged): £5 per year
Junior membership: £5 per year
Additional family membership: £5 per year

How to Join

Download the application form here.

Return the completed form to the membership secretary (details on the form).

Payment may be made by cheque or by BACS transfer. (See the membership form for details of how to Pay via BACS.)

Competition licence

Members wishing to compete in the National Championship also need a competition licence. There is an additional fee for this competition licence. This fee goes towards funding the competition rounds that form the National Championship.

2018 Competition Licence
Competition Licence - Masters/Experienced £20
Competition Licence - Novice (1st year of competition) £5
Competition Licence - Junior £5
Competition Licence - Freestyle (Tricks) competition only £5
Competition Licence - Multi-kite ballet competition only £5

Download the competition licence form here.

Additional Insurance

STACK membership includes 3rd party liability insurance cover when flying at STACK events. Members may optionally purchase additional insurance which provides 3rd party liability insurance cover when flying at anytime, anywhere in the world (except USA & Canada). This is called Club Affiliated Independant Flyer (CAIF) insurance. Though optional, this cover is strongly recommended for all flyers, unless you have equivalent cover via another club. For more details see here. The annual charge for this additional insurance is given below.

CAIF Insurance
Additional insurance for year £13
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