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STACK Competition

Competition with Sport Kites lies at the heart of what STACK does. STACK has been involved in organizing Sport Kite competitions for a long time now, and has been instrumental in the evolution of the sport in the UK.

There are two primary types of competitions for which STACK takes responsibility in the UK;

STACK UK sends competitors to International Competitions, including EuroCup and the World Sport Kite Championship.

STACK UK also helps to run the UK Rokkaku Challenge, a single line kite contest, based loosely on a traditional Japanese competition.

One of the main components of a IRB Competition is the ballet, where the kite or kites are used to interpret a piece of music. Ballets by teams of 3 or more flyers are also very popular at kite festivals and other exhibitions. You can see some of the latest kite team ballets along with some classic ballets on STACK's Kite Ballets page.

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