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The STACK Executive Committee

Who is involved?

STACK UK is run by a team of volunteers. There is a significant workload in running STACK UK and we are fortunate to have officers who take the role of coordinating activities such as the event calendar, competition results and membership. These are our 'unsung heroes' and we are always very grateful to them.

National Director - Barry Savell

Barry is the current National Director, having taken over from Keith Griffiths in 2012.

Barry is a keen kite flyer and a founder member of team Flame. He has been competing for over 15 years. He also judges and field directs.

The national director's role is probably the largest within STACK, from identifying venues for competitions, to marketing the organisation, and liaising with the international community eg. regading EuroCup.

Previous National Directors have included Mark Lummas (of world champion team Skydance), Cathy Jarvis (of team Punchlines), Andrew Phelps and Keith Griffiths.

Membership Secretary - Tony Shiggins

Tony is the current membership secretary (since 2014).

As a flier Tony has been UK individual champion several times, and was a member of the team Flame and the pair Phoenix, as well as a former member of the team Matrix Management.

The Membership Secretary is responsible for collecting memberships and maintaining the database of members.

Treasurer - Fran Burstall

Fran has been STACK-UK's treasurer since 2008.

Fran is another founder member of team Flame and has also been competing for over 15 years.

The treasurer's role is to keep track of the income and outgoings, and to prevent the National Director from spending more money than the organisation has!

Head Judge - Andrew Taylor

Andrew has been an active judge for STACK UK for many years, and has also served as the International Head Judge for Europe.

Prior to judging, Andrew was a member of team Vortex.

This role involves arranging for judges and other staff at events, ensuring the scoresheets and other paperwork are ready, and collating the event results.

Training and Coaching Coordinator - Keith Griffiths

Keith was previously National Director for nearly 6 years. In 2009 he organized the successful EuroCup event which was hosted in the UK.

As a flier Keith still participates in kite demonstrations and displays with his wife, Vee, as the AirHeads pair and also flies as part of the team AirHeads. Keith also runs the sound at many STACK events.

The Training and Coaching Coordinator helps to organize events such as Boot Camps and Better Flying Days.

Competition Coordinator - Lez Kraaijeveld

Lex is a member of pair Flying Fish with his partner Irma, and also of team L-Katz.

The Competition Coordinator works with the National Director to organize the National Chapionships, and other competitions such as the Festival League, and Winter Leagues.

Quartermaster - Vee Griffiths

After being active in helping to run STACK for many years, Vee took on the role of Quartermaster in 2019.

As a flier Vee still participates in kite demonstrations and displays with her husband, Keith, as the AirHeads pair and also flies as part of the team AirHeads. She also Field Directs at STACK Compeitions.

The Quartermaster keeps track of all STAVK's equipment, especially the kites, which are available for loan to members.

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