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When sport kiting spread to the UK and Europe from the USA in the early 1980's, a group of British kite flyers formed a committee to help promote it. This committee was known as STACK, Sport Team And Competitive Kiting. Today STACK is part of a worldwide organisation with over 600 members.

If you are interested in joining STACK UK, then please download and complete the form here.

What does STACK do?

STACK's mission is to promote, organise, oversee and regulate the sport of kite flying. These activities are coordinated by the National Director plus an executive committee of officers in charge of various tasks such as newsletter, fund raising, membership etc.

The primary role of STACK is to organize sport kite competitions, both at local level and in particular the UK national championship.

STACK also organizes training events - "boot camps" - to introduce people to sport kite competition, or improve kite flying skills.

The core STACK UK competitions and services have been stable for some years now and we are looking for ways to broaden the appeal of STACK to existing Sport Kite flyers and Sport Kiting to the general public. This includes:

STACK UK has to move with the times and constantly evolve to remain an attractive opportunity for those who enjoy flying sport kites.

STACK International

National STACK organizations exist throughout Europe, including France, Italy, the Netherlands, Germany, Russia and Lithuania. Further afield there are equivalent organizations in the USA (the American Kitefliers Association - AKA), Japan (the All-Japanese Sport Kite Association - AJSKA) and South America.

These organizations work together to standardize and update competition rules and organisation (via the International Rule Book Committee - IRBC), and to co-ordinate major international events, such as EuroCup and the World Sport Kite Championships (WSKC).

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