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Team Flame is proud to be sponsored by the following suppliers:

Competition Kites

Carl Robertshaw

Carl Robertshaw designs and builds the Fury kites that the team use for competition and displays.

Carl is one of the best sport kite flyers, having been UK and European Champion for both dual and quad line kites. He was also a member of the World Cup winning team Airkraft and the 3 times World Championship winning team, The Scratch Bunnies.

Note: Kite Related Design is no longer trading, but Carl continues to work as a freelance designer.

Carl also designs lightweight structures for live events such as concerts and installations. His work has been used in tours by Peter Gabriel, Take That, Nora Jones, Anthony & The Johnsons and Leona Lewis, as well as in the 2012 London Olympics opening and closing ceremonies.

Flying Lines

Climax UK

Flame use Climax PROTEC flying lines in a variety of weights (55lb, 110lb, 150lb, 220lb and 440lb).

These lines are supplied by ClimaxLines.co.uk (imported by EMKAY distribution).

Spare Spars

SkyShark from Sky Burner

The majority of Flames competition kites are framed with SkyShark high performance competition air frames in various strengths (2P, P300 and P400).

Spare spars are supplied by Sky Burner Kites in the USA.

Other Kites and Bits

The Highwaymen

While kites, lines and spars are the main components, there are lots of other bits and pieces that are used by a kite team, such as carbon rods, fittings, and stakes. The Highwaymen are Flame's first port of call for such bits.

The Highwaymen also supply the Warp 9 kites Flame sometimes use in stacks for demonstrations.


High-tech kite flying equipment is expensive, especially as we use the best. Sponsorship does not mean we get stuff for free, but all our sponsors offer us a discount. While the lines and spars are very durable, we do sometimes break them (often our fault, as crashes do happen), and even the kite sails do wear out or tear eventually. The help of our sponsors allows us to keep our equipment working without 'breaking the bank'. Flame would like to say a big thank-you to all our sponsors for their help over the years.

Previous Sponsors

Team Flame would also like to acknowledge the help of sponsors from previous years, including:

Photo of Flame competing at WSKC 2014