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Current Members

Photo of Barry

Barry Savell

The team leader, Barry Savell, flies at position #1 (usually on the right, viewed from behind) and is one of the founder members of the team.

Barry comes from Bath, now retired he used to be a operations manager in a software company.

Barry also judges at STACK UK kite competitions.

Barry is married with two children - his son, Alex, has also been a member of Flame.

Photo of Fran

Fran Burstall

At position #2 the other founder member, Fran Burstall, is also from Bath and is a Professor, researching Mathematics (geometry) at Bath University.

He and his partner, Zoë, have two children.

Photo of Tony

Tony Shiggins

The team's most recent member Tony Shiggins joined the team in 2007, flying at position #3.

Tony, from Faringdon, was a former member of team Matrix Management (UK champions in 2004).

He is an engineer working in structural vibration analysis for Honda.

Tony and Fran also fly as a pair, Phoenix.

Photo of Alex

Alex Savell

A part time member, Alex Savell occasionally takes the tail-gunner position (#4) for the 4 man ballet routine.

Alex is a post-graduate student researching physics at Imperial College, London.

Though the youngest member of the team, Alex has been flying kites for more than 12 years, and competing for most of that time.

He was a member of the Flame competition squad from 2005 to 2009, but now only participates when his university schedule permits.

All the team members enjoy other aspects of kite flying such as freestyle and trick flying, and flying four line Revolution kites, though since being bitten by the team flying bug they don't have as much time for these anymore.

All of the team are members of STACK UK, some are also members of Avon Kite Flyers.

Former Members

Photo of Zoë

Zoë Hancock

One of the founder members of the team, Zoë Hancock is Fran's partner. Zoë has two children, Michael and Phoebe, which pretty much explains why she had to stop flying with the competition team! Zoë enjoys flying many types of kite, and makes her own single line kites - Zoë also made the team's large red and black Flame banner, and some of the team's clothing.

Photo of Ewan

Ewan Russell

Ewan retired from competition and team flying at the end of 2004. Ewan also enjoys flying four line Revolution kites.

Guest Appearances

Occasionally, other kite flying friends have stepped in as substitutes at competitions or displays when one of Flame has been ill or injured, so a big thank you to Steve Hoath (of The Flying Squad), Robin Smith (of Scratch Bunnies) and Vee and Keith Griffiths (of Airheads).


And last, but by no means least, we should not forget the 'other halves' who put up with being abandoned for practice, and sit around on fields and beaches, often in cold winds, and help as ground crew when we compete and demonstrate. So a big thank you to Zoë Hancock, Sharon Savell (below) and Mary Anne Parker.

Photo of Sharon at EuroCup 2008