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Flame's Kites

Flame use a variety of kites for competitions, displays and for fun:

The Fury

Flame use these splendid looking Fury kites.

The Fury was designed by former UK, European and World Champion Carl Robertshaw, who custom builds these unique Flame colour scheme Furies for us.

These kites are the main work-horse of the team, and are used for demonstrations and for competition, in a wide range of winds.

Each team member has five different Fury kites, a Super-Ultra-Light, an Ultra-light, a Standard, a Vented and a Super-vented, each of which is optimized for a different wind range.

The Warp 9

These small, introductory kites are flown by the team, usually in stacks of 3, 6 or even 12 kites.

The Revolution 1.5

These are four line kites, capable of hovering and movement in any direction.

Benson Kites

The first kites that Flame flew as a team were Phantom Elites, made by Tim Benson.

For individual flying several of the team still use freestyle and trick kites made by Benson Kites. Particular favourites include the Deep Space, the Outer Space (pictured) and the classic Box of Tricks.

The Inner Space, an indoor kite, continues to be used by Flame for demonstrations in extremely light winds.

Previous Team Kites

In previous years, Team Flame have used Matrix kites (in team colors, pictured), designed by Andy Preston and made by Carl Robertshaw (under licence from Flexifoil), T2 kites, designed and built by Peter Taylor of Airdynamics, and Northshore Radicals.

Single Line Kites

The team have a variety of single line kites, including Rokkakus (for Rok fights), Delta Serpents (pictured) by Carl Robertshaw and Pterodactyls by Karl Longbottom.

Photo of Fury kites in snow